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A.K.A. Blitz Honky Tonk Man (Tonka)

Stud Dog
AKC # WS 41243101
Birth date : 6/20/12
OFA Preliminary Evaluations: Hips (good) Elbows (clear)

(Official Results will follow at 24 months of age)

Available for stud: 1500.00 fee

Dolly Eos Everestas (Tasha)

AKC # WS 39848802
Birth Date : 10/24/11
OFA Hips : Good BMD-1854G27F-VPI
OFA Elbows: Left clear, Right – not clear due to injury as a puppy.
OFA Eyes: Clear: BMD-EYE227/21F – VPI
OFA Heart: Normal : BMD -CA3284/21F/C – PI

Dizzy Eos Everestas (Meeka)

AKC # WS 39848801
Birth Date : 10/24/11
OFA Hips: Good BMD-18500G26F – VPI
OFA Elbows: Normal BMD – EL9555F26-VPI
OFA Eyes: Clear BMD – EYE226/21F-VPI
OFA Heart: Normal BMD – CA3285/21F/C-VPI

A.K.A Aspen Top of The Mountain (Aspen)

AKC # WS 35872801
Birth Date : 11/06/10
OFA Hips: Fair BMD – 17780F25F-VPI
OFA Elbows: Clear BMD – EL8945F25-VPI
OFA Eyes: Clear BMD – EYE32/26F-VPI
OFA Heart: Normal BMD – CA3044/26F/C – VPI